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Auditions 2016-2017

Auditions for new and current singers are being held the afternoon of September 25, 2016 at First Christian Church, McCallie Avenue. Send an email to Ben Johnson for more information and to reserve an audition time.

If you are considering auditioning, please read our singer handbook.

First Christian Church
650 McCallie Ave.
Chattanooga, TN 37403

Audition Requirements:
We welcome and encourage singers to audition for the Chattanooga Bach Choir. We are interested in the ability of each singer to keep vibrato under control at all volume levels, especially higher voices.

1. A sostenuto, piano-accompanied solo of your choice, or a hymn. Please provide a copy for the accompanist. The purpose of this is to hear your voice with music in which you are very comfortable and will demonstrate the quality and tone of your voice.

2. Your voice part to “And He Shall Purify” from Handel’s Messiah (soprano, mm. 44-51, alto, mm. 46-51, tenor, mm. 41-48, bass, mm. 7-10). The purpose of this is to determine your flexibility at a fast tempo. Please sing the passage as close to quarter note = 108 as you can.

3. We will also test on legato exercises singing over large intervals. We will vocalize you for upper/lower range and please be prepared to sing minor/major seconds, thirds, and perfect 4th’s and 5th’s a capella.

4. Sight read a chorale and rhythmic exercise.

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